Symbol - different actions

I created a an animated button and I converted it to a symbol.
My purpose was to put this symbol on several scenes and use different actions on it.
Infortunately, each time I modify the action, each instances are modified …
That’s the way Symbols work.

I know I can duplicate Symbol to get a new one, but by the way I loose the advantages of the symbols …

Not convenient … is there a better solution?

You are probably going to need some Javascript intervention, what are the actions.?

Thanks for your answer, I know I can call a javascript function and depending the scene call a specific action.

But it would be great if Hype allows to create Symbol without action and allowe user to add different actions on different instances.

if you duplicate a symbol in the resourcespanel it’ll be an independed instance

The thing is you are not giving much away.

What users, ones who would be opening a .hype project ?

What are the symbols doing that you do not want to lose…?
What are the actions…?
What type of symbol are they, persistant , standard.?

Sorry for users …
I want to be able inside a .hype project to have specific action on different instances without using javascript.

For example :
I create an animated button, turn into a symbol.
I have a map with several hotspots, i would love to use different instances of my symbol with specific action on each one (simple action as : goto url, goto scene, and so on…)

Thanks for your answer

Just don’t define the action inside the symbol. Add them to the symbol from the outside.

BTW this is another example where dataset is really missing in Hype!!!

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That helps us understand and not give you convoluted answers.

As @MaxZieb says… this is all you need to do.

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I understand thanks for the tip !!!
So simple…