Symbol bounding box messing up physics

(Jared Hooton) #1

When I convert an ellipse into a symbol, the bounding box alters the ellipse hit detection into a rectangle.
If I make an ellipse element, the bounding box will appear rectangular but physics will be applied to the actual ellipse and behave properly (These circles all bounce off each other on drag)

Why do symbols override this behavior and cause the bounding box to become interactive with other physics elements? It really messes the whole thing up. Other circles will be bouncing off an invisible square around my services ball. And since every major circle will become a symbol, the effect of balls being interactive will be broken since the large ones will actually be rectangular.

Any idea how we can adjust bounding boxes of symbols?


Elements you’d like to share the same physics world should be regular elements. Because a symbol is encapsulated in a new wrapper, it will create new bounding box behavior, and within that symbol, you can even have separate gravity.

For your case, I recommend avoiding symbols for elements you’d like to behave as the edge in your physics simulation.