Symbol animations inside other animations

Excuse my ignorance, I am new to hype and still learning. I am trying to create an animation of a butterfly that flaps its wings and flits around.
I created the butterfly animation using vectors and set it to loop on its timeline by setting a timeline action to continue the timeline and play in reverse. This works really well when previewed in a browser.

I then thought I could import the symbol into a new hype document and move the symbol along a motion path. But when I import the butterfly symbol it comes with it's own timeline and I can't get the wings to flap independently of the motion timeline.

I have searched the forum but can't find anything that close, so I wonder if I am trying to do the impossible.

I thought a symbol could have its own timeline and loop continuously and independently of other timelines.

Thanks in advance


Hei Bob, please upload a copy of your hype document. Makes it easier to identify your problem...

Regards, Kalle

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This is generally a good idea, as I'm not sure why this isn't working. I'm not sure what's going on.

However, if you're reluctant to upload your content, I think I might know what's wrong...

Here's something to check... did you set the Symbols to play? I feel like I've had a similar problem and all I had to do was start the symbol. If I'm remembering correctly, this is done with the "Symbol Actions" property.

That screenshot is from my "Atoms" template...

It's basically a symbol (Electron) in a symbol (Atom)... and then that symbol is duplicated three times. I was just working on this, as I created an animated gif for my new article...

So, I suspect what you're trying to do is not impossible... but I'm not sure. :man_shrugging:t2:

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[I have attached my file and thanks to Kalle and Michael for your help.

Will check the start animation issue. And Micael, thanks for the book about Hype! Arrived on Christmas Eve so still working through it. I have the Atom animation and have been looking at that tonight.


Butterfly|attachment](upload:// (14.8 KB)

Butterfly (14.8 KB)

Hei Bob, I´d do the following:

• you don´t have to start the Main Timeline. The Hype document´s Main Timeline always starts automatically
• Symbol Main Timelines are stopped by default
• Don´t start the symbol´s Main Timeline with a symbol action on the Main Timeline
• Better start the symbol inside the symbol itself with an onLoad command
• perform a complete movement of the butterfly´s wings, at the end of the animation set a timeline action (start Timeline - this triggers the loop)

Butterfly (17.4 KB)


Wow thanks Kalle, that's perfect I can build on this now you have it working.

That's such a help.


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