Switching between layered images

(Simone Kimber) #1

Hi, I’m trying to animate a flag on a map so it looks like its waving in the ‘wind’. I have three images stacked on top of each other (flat flag, left side down right side up, right side up left side down) and the animation switches between each of them in a loop (so it looks like the flag is waving). All the opacities are set to instant, it all looks fine in Hype, but when I preview it in the browser the images fire at random times and sometimes appear all together at once…What am I doing wrong?

(Mark Hunte) #2


Can you post the project…

(Simone Kimber) #3

world-animation.hype.zip (653.6 KB)

I hope I’ve done that right, I wasn’t sure which file you were after. Thank you :smile:

(Greg) #4

It is working fine on my set up (Safari 9 + El Captain) That’s a clever way to animate the flags – my compliments.

(Simone Kimber) #5

My colleague figured it out… I originally had each image one after the other on the time line going from 100% to 0% opacity. My colleague suggested stacking each image, extending the time of each image so they start and finish at the same time but turn the opacity up only when the particular flag is needed, It worked! I don’t know why, but it worked…It could of been a load issue?