Switching Autosave On/Off

It has been discussed here before without a working solution.
Is there a way to turn off/avoid the automatic saving?
Sometimes working on a document may result in something that one rather does not want to keep.
But the document is ruined, cause it is saved already.
As of now I always work with a copy to not loose anything.
The workaround mentioned here, suggesting a terminal command, does not work (for me).

Let me know if that helps -- checking "Ask to keep changes when closing documents" sounds like what you want.

in the meantime i have just checked on " ask to keep changes..." in the Macs general settings. Had thought it should and would be per application.. But this is what I needed. THanks.


Note that the Auto Save/Versions feature adds a File > Revert To > Browse All Versions… menu that can usually get you back to where you want to go.

Got it working in the systems settings. Thanks a lot.