Swiping a persistent symbol on mobile format problem

So I’m trying to make a navigation bar on the top that changes colors by either touching the square or swiping a direction. The color would represent what section of the page they are in. So tapping works fine but whenever I swipe, the nav begins to act funny changing shapes during transition, when it should only change colors.

Would anyone know why this is happening and if it’s possible for the nav to stay persistent during the swipe transition?

Also can persistent symbols stay in place while everything else transitions to the next scene?


Persistent Question.zip (145.5 KB)

Hi @Zopelthe543,

There is a known issue in Hype 3.x.x which will hopefully be fixed for the next version 4 release (which should be soon) where the persistent symbol does not retain it’s scale properties on scene transitions.

@Daniel, @jonathan

Yes, but for your information it stays “on top” during scene transitions so anything that is animated on transit through scenes would animate behind the persistent symbol until it reaches the scene and then will show on top. (regardless of element order in the scene) This might not be the effect you’re looking for.

Plus if the symbol is inside of a group it will not stay in place FYI it will animate with the group

This particular issue is that a persistent symbol located in a group with flexible layout won’t retain its flexible layout sizing during a scene transition. The way to fix this is to remove the persistent symbol from any groups so it has no parents.

This unfortunately won’t be fixed for v4.0.0, but it is hit often and we hope to fix it shortly thereafter.

Okay I gotcha. Thanks for both you guys clarifying that for me!