Swipe within objects, iframes html-widgets

Hey guys I desperately need your help:

I have developed several Hype projects for one of my customers.
He would now like to access all of these projects from one "dashboard".
Therefore I have created the dashboard with a few buttons linking to a scene within the document. Each scene contains an html widget showing the project selected on the dashboard.

And now the problem:

I use swipe to navigate between scenes in these projects and buttons to make choices. After swiping in the project shown within the html widget, it is not possible to click any buttons of the project shown in the html widget anymore. I have tried the html widget, i have tried objects or iframes to open the already exported files, but neither would help me out of that.

I now found out that I would have to make one click outside the html widget to make clicks work in the widget again, which is no solution in this project setup.

Do you guys have any solution in mind?

Do you think you could put together a minimal example of this so I can dig into it a little bit? Is this happening in every browser / mobile device you've tested?

Hey @Daniel, I am working breaking the project down to a minimum, though it's kind of complicated, because the project is really huge and I cannot give away critical information. Would a screen-video also be possible? Or can we use something like zoom, teams etc.?

@Daniel Okay, i have now isolated the most important part, its really minimal now, but reproducing the bug. I have included how to use it.

I am using Chromium 60.0.3102.0 and Chrome 90.0.4430.85, both producing the same mistake.

I'd really appreciate you help...Objects.zip (398.8 KB)

Thanks for reporting this issue. This is a Hype runtime bug that occurs in the intersection of iframes, swipe actions on multiple scenes, and mouse click/ups.

I made a fix which will be in the next beta of v4.1.6; let me know if you'd like to join the beta program as we'd definitely like to make sure it works for you and in the context of your actual document.

Otherwise, the easiest workaround is probably to use mouse down actions instead of mouse clicks if feasible.


Thank you Jonathan, it's been quite some work, but we are now using mouse down actions and it is now working really fine! Thanks a lot!!!

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Glad to hear that you got it working. I did just push out a beta with the fix if you're still wanting to try it.