Swipe gestures have a issue/bug

There appears to be a bug in the swipe gestures. I often got reports of repeated clicks being necessary, and after all this time I could finally reproduce the error:

  • Document or symbol uses swipe handlers
  • The scene or symbol also contains clickable items
  • The swipe detection occasionally swallows the click

So, my suggestion would be not to prevent defaults as long as the swipe actually doesn't trigger. It seems like the issue arises when a certain the swipe detection does detection (I guess calculates offsets for a trigger threshold), but then prevents default event bubbling even if the threshold isn't triggered.

Meaning, one has to click cautiously without moving the mouse (or finger, that I haven't tested as much). For mouse interactions, I can definitely confirm the issue.

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Thanks for this report. Do you happen to have your specific document that reproduces the issue? While I'm pretty sure I know what one this is, I'd just like to confirm your setup. I was chomping away at a bit a while ago and need to get back to (the solution I think necessary turns out to be super invasive - I could be wrong but off the top of my head I don't think we can prevent defaults at the right times and have to redo a lot of even infrastructure to manage thresholds properly).

My note on the bug is that using mouse up event is a possible workaround.

Thank you!