Swipe from slide to other specific one

Hi there,
I have a presentation from say 7 slides, i have a button over the first 6 slides which take me to the slide nu 07, the question is… i want when i went to slide 7, when i swipe right go back to the slide which i came from.
any advice

You would use a ‘Scene Action’ which applies to the entirety of the space of the scene. Swiping in a certain direction can move you to the previous or next scene. Here’s more info: https://tumult.com/hype/documentation/3.0/#scene-actions

I’m not sure @Daniel read the whole post :smiley:

He is, in fact, correct when he says about the swipe functionality. Hype has 2 areas where swiping can be used.
On a scene basis and on a symbol basis.
Using a symbol as a control has an added bonus of being able to resize the “swipe(able)” area.

But, if I’m understanding right then you want to go back to any of the 6 scenes from scene 7. For this to work then you would have to run a function when the button is pressed to go to scene 7 that records the actual scene you came from. Something like:

hypeDocument.customData.sceneVisited = hypeDocument.currentSceneName();

Then on the swipe action you can add another function that does:

hypeDocument.showSceneNamed(hypeDocument.customData.sceneVisited, optionalTransition, optionalDuration)

Ah, right you are. Here’s a little script for doing this:

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