Swipe Copy that won't stop when copy ends

Hey guys,

Can anyone help me add something to this script that will stop the copy from being swipped out of the copy window?

I like how I have a “scrollable” copy window that I can dump a whole lot of copy in but I’d like it to stop and not scroll infinitely.

Thanks guysSwipeCopy.zip (162.7 KB)


scrollHeight will return the height of the content of the overflowed element.
so you can calculate the drag distance against it …

Thanks Hans, but I don’t know how to move on from that advice.
I’m not much of a programmer/coder, so a little more clarity would be super great.
Perhaps tell me what I can add to the “Dragvert” JS function in the hype document?
I googled Scrollheight but that slowed me down reading through stuff i don’t really get.

Thanks in advance

btw why don’t you use scroll instead?swipe_maxScrollHeight.hype.zip (118.8 KB)

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ok next question: how can I use scroll without the scrollbars being visible? How can I turn off scrollbars display without turning off the function

mask them by a parent element -> group.scrollmask.hype.zip (22.2 KB)

tried that, didn’t work - still see scrollbars

actually can’t test on iOS, but desktop chrome and android chrome seem to be ok …