SWF convert to HTML5


I’m interested in using Hype to convert my old SWF files. I’m a teacher and I’ve stored SWF files that would work great in iBooks Author.

I was successful importing an SWF into Hype and created a widget, but the when inserted into iBook’s author, the widget was either too small or zoomed into a specific part of the animation.

Since I’m a new user to Hype and I’ve never created an animation, where would I look to edit those properties allowing the animation to be sized correctly and centered.

Thank you in advance.


this may not be the hype way but try https://developers.google.com/swiffy/convert/upload and try embedding that into a div tag in hype. Pretty sure that could work

Does it look something like the problem here…

Is the document fixed width or flexible? If it’s flexible, it won’t work properly.

Hi Mike

Sorry to raise this again but I was wondering how you successfully imported an SWF into Hype?


There isn’t a way to do this (Swf --> Hype conversion). The Swiffy option mentioned above creates HTML5 content that is not compatible with Hype, but as @Luckyde mentioned, that content could be inserted within an element in Hype, though you wouldn’t be able to control its elements or its timing by using Hype’s tools. Your best bet is to rebuild, or open the original .flv file in Flash, and copy + paste elements out of it and into Hype.

I’m not sure the answer is that straightforward.

While Google shut down the Swiffy conversion service, the runtime is still available…


It says…

Swiffy runtime version v7.3.0

In addition to the Google Terms of Service (http://www.google.com/accounts/TOS), Google grants you and the Google Swiffy end users a personal, worldwide, royalty-free, non-assignable and non-exclusive license to use the Google Swiffy runtime to host it for Google Swiffy end users and to use it in connection with the Google Swiffy service.

So, if you had already converted your project with Swiffy – and the license works for you – wouldn’t that mean you could just drop the HTML code and the JavaScript runtime into your Hype project?

Again, Google just killed this service…

the Swiffy Flash conversion tool is no longer available.

As far as I know, they didn’t release the server code so other people could host the converter and they didn’t modify the Flash plugin so people could run the converter locally on their own computer. So, when people wonder why I don’t like Google… stupid stuff like this is why.

However… HOWEVER… doesn’t the new version of Flash convert projects to HTML5?

That wouldn’t let Hype edit an existing Flash project, but shouldn’t that let you embed a Flash-to-HTML5 project in a Hype project? I don’t know, because I don’t like Adobe’s decision to move their software into the Cloud. I started using alternatives for their applications years ago. Also, I haven’t heard much about Animate’s HTML5 conversion, so I’m not sure if it’s actually any good.

Based on the video, it seems that Swiffy was better at script conversion. I don’t like the focus on converting SVG to Bitmap either. If server calls are an issue, SVG could be converted to straight HTML or even added as JavaScript, which would maintain high quality and reduce the number of files to load.