Swapping images

Hi, I am a new user and creating my first animated HTML banner with Hype. I normally build one size banner and then duplicate it and swap out the images for the 2nd banner and so on, so I am not starting from scratch everytime. How do you swap out images in Hype?

  1. Select the element with the image
  2. Go to the Element Inspector (command-4)
  3. In the Background section when Image is the Fill Style, click the Choose button

This will allow you to replace an image for an element. It is also an animatable property, so you can make keyframes for different background images if you need them to change within in animation.

Additional Note to @jonathan’s reply…

If the images are of different dimensions - after choosing the new image - go to the “Metrics” panel and select “Original Size”.

Another route for swapping:

• Open the “Resources” Panel;
• Select the image You want to swap in this panel.
• Click on the “Replace…” button

if the images are of different dimensions the “Original Size” procedure would apply as above.


Thanks for the add-ons @JimScott, you’re a walking Hype encyclopedia machine!

@jonathan - What amazing serendipity! This is due to drop next April 1st from _NoneSuch Press_... ;->



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I’ll have to make sure the physics engine can properly model chains before that date ;).