Swap ID and relayout

This little experiment switches around Hype ID’s … it certainly is not what tumult intended, but it offers some interesting use cases. So use with caution if you are on a strictly secure future update path but for existing runtimes and one off projects it might come in handy. Also, I haven’t considered all the ramifications of this kind of tampering.

ExperimentSwappingHypeIDs.hype.zip (30,0 KB)


ha, yeah :slight_smile:. Hype does tend to do more dynamic lookups than holding DOM references so I’m not too surprised it does work, but there could be unexpected places where this breaks thing (and is definitely not future proof, as your warning says!).

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I think when I experimented with doing this awhile back just before my clone extension, i got good results but felt I would be limited to how far I could take it in a complex project.

Have you looked a document loader. That would be a great start for a renewed duplication effort (okay only at loadtime) but still …

?? Whats that