SVGs pasted from illustrator not showing up?

(Leo) #1

I can see all elements on the hype stage, when previewed in browser some of my pasted SVGs disappear.

Any ideas on whats happening here? test (21.5 KB)

(Greg) #2

It works in Safari & Chrome for me, I see all three svgs. Maybe you could bring the two hidden ones forward via Hype’s Arrange menu.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #3

Your flexible layout options are making the images collapse down to 0 width/heights. This is because you have the pins set to preserve the margins (meaning all pins are set).

There’s a new flexible layout mode in Hype 3.5 that can better preserve position and scale; you do this by unchecking all the pins. This will be closer to what you want.

Most likely though you’ll just want to put everything within a group, and then use that same setting on the group (with 3.5’s other new feature, Zoom Contents checked).