SVG's not show up in the artboard 3.6.3 bug?

Hi, I paste some SVG code from Sketch into a Hype element. The SVG shows up in the preview panel and when viewed in a browser. However, nothing shows up in the Hype artboard. It seems like this could be a bug but I am not sure if something is wrong with the SVG code. I have attached a supporting screenshot.

There may be issues parsing the SVG – can you run it through ?

If you could also share the SVG + where it was generated that would be great to see.

I will try that out. For now I have copied 3.6.2 (previous version) from my other computer and it’s working fine.

This version of Hype “works fine” with SVG, I made more than one work in this week with svg ( from AI and Affinituy Design).

The SVG is a complex format, Save on desktop your files and avoid the clipboard. Make sure that the setting of the SVG is ok and also the order of elements inside the file.

Please feel free to attach a zip of the .hype document (and especially your v3.6.2 one for comparison too); I’d be curious to take a look.