SVG scaling and choppy performance


Hello everybody,

I’m going to make a SVG animation. Transforming positions works well, but scaling or more precisely resizing SVGs bigger than the stage makes the animation choppy. (107.5 KB)

Does anyone know how to solve that?

Greetings and thx

(Ken Heins) #2

It ran well in Safari for me, nothing at all choppy about it, load time was very good.


Safari, Chrome, Opera looked good. FireFox was not just choppy it displayed significant stutters.


:confused: Im afrait you´re rigth. I didnt checked if its just a FF issue. My bad! Hmm, I don´t like that cross-browser stuff.

Ill keep it in mind… thx alot

(Jonathan Deutsch) #5

SVG can have poor performance characteristics in many browsers; often it is worth converting to a PNG and testing the difference. Of course there can be a size vs. fps tradeoff in that approach.


FF handles svg, but doesn’t like resize more than few percents…
pixels must be plain! never 1.3456 px positioned it …

IE handles svg very porly whatsoever … stay a 100% at all times…