Svg color change hex value with Hypes UI color picker

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Ability to change color of imported SVG from say #000000 to #FFFFFF based on the values found within the svg code within Hypes UI color picker?

This is will involve filling with just one color if its multi-colored. In essence what I would want if hype can open the SVG and look/target all the fill="#'s" and change to just one color behind the scenes?

  1. Have you found a workaround?
    There is one, it requires me to apply the code of the svg to the rectangle vs importing as an image but its rather laborious, create shape, paste in the code, modify the code…
    Ideally, It would be nice if Hype imports an SVG like mentioned code based import in the rectangle vs image based that way you can introduce editing of the svg.

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Changing an SVG file color isn’t straightforward as an SVG file is only a container for multiple elements and each can have colors and different spots so having one color picker for the entire file is pretty hard to do as there is some guesswork involved what should be colorized.

In der mean there is a neat trick:

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Thanks for the request - definitely something to think about.