Supported File Formats

Below are the supported filetypes in Tumult Hype. If you stick to the formats described below, your Tumult Hype site will work on the widest range of devices and browsers.


Tumult Hype automatically converts images into web safe format. You can drop the following images into a scene: PSD, TIFF, SVG, PNG, JPG, GIF, ICO (and a few more image formats). PDF files will render as the first page, and will be converted to an image. If you'd like to link to a PDF, you'll need to link to it directly on the web. For images that have transparency (GIF + PNG), transparency will be maintained, and the image will be converted to PNG.

To use a SVG in Tumult Hype, simply drag it into your scene, or click Insert > Image and select it.

For more info on image handling in Tumult Hype please visit the Exporting & Previewing chapter of Hype's documentation.

For tips on image compression please read this excellent article: "Image Compression for Web Developers"


  • Mpeg-4 - An .mp4 encoded using the H264 codec. This is typically the only video format you need.
  • OGV - In the .ogg container.
  • Webm - .webm


We recommend using only MP3 and OGG (Ogg Theora) formats when creating an audio group. To create an audio group, click Insert > Audio and add your audio files. Tumult Hype also supports Wave files (.wav) but these are large files which tend to slow down websites. Read more about Audio here.


Please see this thread for information on embedding and linking to PDFs:


Copy/paste vector object from Sketch to Hype turns it into bitmap. From AI to Hype - to Text. Being able to quickly transfer vectors is crucial.

Thanks for your feature request Michael!

How can I convert to video like .avi / .mpg?

I recommend using Miro Video converter: (It is free)