Support: Pinch to zoom in Hype UI

What do you want to see in Hype?

There is a zoom pull-down in the menu bar. This is important in order to work with pixel accuracy. But except in any other DPT, or graphics tool, it is not possible to zoom with a pinch gesture. Not even in the Pro version, which I have just bought.

Have you found a workaround for this problem?

To keep from going completely insane, I found some weed that doesn't make me scream through the office all day, but slows down my workflow even more.

Are there examples of other apps with this feature? Or, have you seen examples of this elsewhere on the web? (Please include a URL)

Affinity, Pages, Numbers, ....

How high of a priority is this for you?

[ ] Nice to Have
[ ] Important
Can't use Hype without it

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Thanks for the request!

The weed industry has been paying us off with said weed to keep this feature out of Hype, but they missed their last shipment so we might just have new motivation to finally implement this oversight :sweat_smile:.

(Seriously though, we do realize the importance of utilizing this common gesture)

Do note that there are at least keyboard shortcuts ⌘-minus, ⌘-plus, ⌘-0 and you can also use adobe mouse zooming of holding down space then command or option clicking to zoom in and out.