Supply All files in One Folder - Solution

Hi There,
If you are supplying files to Adservers you may need to supply all the files in one folder other than having the resources living in the “.hyperesources” folder. Well it’s pretty easy.

Just open your exported .html file and delete your equivalent of the highlighted text below:

Then simply save you file and drop your html file into your “.hyperesources” folder and rename the folder to anything you like, now everything is living in the same folder and the adserver guys will be happy/happier

I hope this helps some folks. This tip was given to me by @Daniel fromTumult.


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Already been mentioned I believe but hey it’s good for people who might have forgotten. :smile:

Only problem is if you have a resources that you are adding or manipulating via Javascript.

Or you have something that is referencing the ${resourcesFolderName} Substitute variable it won’t work. You have to remember not to use that variable but put in the file name as is.