Super newbie questions


Hi all,
I’m new here and I was looking at Hype3/Pro and have some questions. First off I am very “green” when it comes to website stuff. My goal is create a website for my work (illustrations, animations, etc…) to attract potential clients. I have used keynote for years, as well as AE, Motion, AI, and now Affinity Designer. I was recommended to check out Squarespace so far. So now my questions…

  1. So Hype creates animations and interactive web content, but how do I get them on my site?
  2. If I use Hype3/Pro, do I need a hosting service like Squarespace or Go Daddy? Or, can you do all this within Hype?

If there is any information anyone thinks I should read up on, please don’t hesitate to send me a link.

Thank you all for reading,

(Andrew) #2

Answer to 1) You export the project to a folder, which includes all the code, and an index.html page to show it.

Answer 2) If you wish it to be a website, then you need to host it somewhere yes.

I have used Motion, AI and Affinity Designer, and for me, my experience up to Hype 2 has felt me a little let down. But Hype 3 / Pro is much better now in my book. But it does very much depend on the project. But this is just another customers view :slight_smile:


So if I use SquareSpace, can I use Hype 3/Pro to add content?

(Andrew) #4

Honestly, no idea, never used it. I have just looked at the site, and I would assume you can add widgets. But I think the point of the site is so you do not have to do anything but add text and images.


Thanks MrAddy. I see your point about SS. I need to educate myself and understand more about this so I choose the right tools.


Here’s our guide for getting your content up on Squarespace: Embedding in a Squarespace Site

Let me know if you have any Qs!


Thank you Daniel. I’m wondering if future versions of Squarespace might making using Hype more difficult. Are there other hosting services with similar features to Squarespace that you (or others) recommend that work better with Hype?

Thanks again,


I don’t think Squarespace will remove their ‘code block’ feature any time soon, which is what is required to load Hype documents. It is likely a heavily used feature on their platform. I’m not worried!