Suitable Game genres to make in HYPE

Hi everyone, now that I'm working again I was thinking about all the games that can be made using hype and a little bit of basic coding. I’m not talking about making 100% javascript games, in this case I just know how to use variables, create random numbers and the use of “if” and “else” to compare things. So I need to think in games that use the main features of HYPE for interactives, those are buttons and animations. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I made a list of games or genres that can be made with simple coding.

Shooting galleries

Whack a mole

Point and click adventures

Find the differences

Hidden objects

Idle games

Clicker games

Incremental games

Text adventures

Virtual pets

Dating sims

Visual novels

Play & watch style games

YES! Play & watch games, do you remember those? very simple games with characters in fixed positions, all those can be made using HYPE and almost no coding.

Try to imagine that if you have only buttons and animations you can make games. That happened to me when I started in games (with flash), I only made multipath movies, that's what I knew how to do and I sold a few before learning to code in AS2. :yum:

If you think of more ideas, share them here. I'll be updating the post, so the people can experiment with those genres, we can make a great list and a bunch of games. :partying_face:

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I'm not sure how much it qualifies under "text adventures" but Myst is definitely something that could be done in Hype; pretty much any HyperCard games would work well. I have fond memories of making my own "which-way" multimedia stacks that integrated digitized imagery for my "Escape from West Middle School" games.

Similarly dating sims/visual novels are good candidates.

And there's some like pinball that can be made with the Physics simulator.


I added Dating simulator and Visual Novels

I don't know what HyperCards are , but I'm searching info on the web, LOL :sweat_smile:

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HyperCard was basically the web before the internet :slight_smile:. There's no lack of articles online about its influence, but I think a lot fail to capture how huge it was in education for interactive lessons.


According to Bill Atkinson (the creator of HyperCard) HyperCard was created following an LSD trip.

Great Wikipedia article on HyperCard - and the real magic that made it work, HyperTalk - here.

A screen capture video of a classic HyperCard exploring game - Cosmic Osmo > here. At the time it was revolutionary. Give it a bit of time as the person who did the video moves a little slowly. This game was created by the same team (brothers Rand & Robyn Miller) that would go on a short while later to create another fantastic game Myst which @Jonathan mentions a few posts above.

Read about the creation of Cosmic Osmo here. (Another great Wikipedia article.)

HyperCard v3 was being worked on before Steve Jobs killed it in 2000 - Internet connectivity, playing HyperCard stacks in a browser, native color capabilities, combining QuickTime video with the interactivity of HyperCard among its features. Thanks Steve!


WOW, I just love 1-bit graphics!
I use to take 1-bit pictures and record 1-bit videos as 1 of my hobbies, lol


Great list, @DrPopet !

The reviews of this game (which am definitely going to try) are equally amazing:
Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 1.29.33 PM


I don't know how to edit the first post, but I can add one more...

"Avoider" games

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