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It could be possible that for the iMac Pro 27 "the software will present in the graphical interface the texts a few bigger points that allow to be more readable the use of the software and it is question of the interface of the equipment that another have suggested the same, I use the “Black” version. For the HTML editor we have the option to change the size of the font, take a look at the interface of the Adobe Software.

It will be possible for us to save custom “Size Scenes”.
I also suggest that some of the leaders of the forum with more experience dictate some online conferences to guide new users as the line of layers would be shortened in time the new users would find a friendlier and that would improve the line of marketing of the software

There are ways to do this yourself like with a library of templates. etc
But probably not a bad idea…

Do you mean like @DBear 's


Thanks for the request. I’m hoping Apple may add the text size controls to macOS at some point (like they have on iOS) as we use standard mac controls for the most part. Unfortunately my best recommendation for now would be to adjust the display resolution in the System Preferences.