Suggestion with pray!

I have been working with html and css for many years now. I've always thought that you can solve it with another way that you can see the contents without internet and also you don't need compilers with dmg or ipa... I think it's a bit boring and complicated for non-developers.

I have thought that someone can create an app for all apple device. that allows to import with zip format, within this html format and folder of elements... as it has tumult, webflow, Saola Animate. and etc

inside app appears a zip library to open or close the contents. very much like apple book author. Before using with hype.

Advantages with this app:

You can view the interactive contents without relying on the internet. for example the underdeveloped countries internet difficulty due to lack of resources and economics.

Educational centers can use ipad all students without complications.

I think it's a good idea and I would like that the hype developers or members can do it.

In a few days I am going to an underdeveloped country to do a huge project with hype application.

Thank you.