[Suggestion] Text element names should automatically be the content

Instead of ‘Text 7’, the name of the text should be the beginning of its content. I have a lot of text, which has a lot of formatting - size, font, colour, css etc. I therefore copy and paste a lot, which creates many ‘Text 7’ elements.

I don’t know how tricky it would be to display the content and not the CSS, but If its not too difficult to have ‘Text 7’ be the first 10 characters of the text content, it would be a small and powerful feature!

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Not sure I would want that.

Also if you are coping and pasting the text content would be the same…

alright I know you will change the contents :innocent: but I still doubt I would want this…
I am happy with renaming them myself.

Wait… you know you can rename them right?

Yes, but why would you want to have to rename something manually when it could just happen automatically. Coming from the world of After Effects, I guarantee you this is a very handy behavior. I was going to post a similar request, so he’s definitely not the only one who would like that option.

Because I want to name them to a convention that makes sense to the function rather than some random name from the contents.

The idea that is being suggested is similar to what is Used in the Notes.app.

I find the use of this annoying to say the least. It often means I have to write a line at the top of the note just for the name of the note and then under that the note.

Well sure, you want to name it manually if you’re referring to via code, but that ability wouldn’t be replaced. To refer to After Effects again, editing a text layer will automatically update the layer name to make it easy to keep track of many layers. However, you can choose to name it manually and that will override the auto functionality. Best of both worlds. Auto name by default, unless you want it to be something else. Simple.

Not really, this is for easy reading the element list. You cannot access the display name by code unless it is a symbol.

If as you say it was optional then I personally would not have a problem with it but not as the default.

If I were to suggest a change it would be auto incrementing the name when duplicating. Frankly, the first ten characters of most things I do would not be helpful.

There are definitely tradeoffs on this feature; such is the world of software development :wink:. I think the design we’re favoring to solve the problem is still unique display names, but show the text contents in grey next to the name. Hopefully that would be the best of both worlds.

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Another optional feature could be the order of pasting. Currently when you paste, the item is above the one selected. Since we design from top the bottom, pasted items should be below the selected one. I say this because the order of elements is important when you are drag-selecting with the mouse on the browser.

Good point. I often end up dragging things in the stacking order. On the other hand, some people prefer to operate in terms of building from background to foreground.

Frankly, there are so many high-priority items in my Hype wish list that I am not all that concerned about the stacking or object naming. For me the biggest priority is loading time - where the rubber meets the road. In my situation I want the highest impact for the fastest loading time – making it into a seamless and enjoyable experience for the potential customer in order to promote sales of a premium product – so to persuade the prospect to spend 20% more for something that looks the same as a lower quality competing product. The more sophisticated, slick and seamless the presentation, the more effective it is in addressing the goal.

Admittedly, this represents the needs of only a certain segment of the userbase.

Having been a software reviewer for many years, I can say that in many cases a reviewer may be totally new to an app and will not have the time to totally explore an app. As a result, they can miss certain key issues. In such a situation, they will notice simple stuff such as object naming, while missing something really important under the hood, and their focus on such things could have an impact on sales.

This requires strategic thinking – how many seats are required to pay for the time it takes to develop one feature versus another, plus overhead. Certain features (such as a shared resource folder for multiple projects) might be important for deployment but be irrelevant to project development, and most reviewers think in terms of an individual project, which makes project development a higher priority for the vendor.

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