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Every day he works more with hype … He has realized that he can change the design of ux to improve daily work … I’m afraid it is:

Temporal control you have to change other positions for example side of the timeline. It is much easier to control and avoid accident and editing error.

Another thing I would also like to hide the timeline so I can work easier and more visually with full screen … It is ideal for editing web page or UX ipad. If you do animation and activated a button.

I hope it convinces you better.

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I don't understand what this is?

"Control temporal" = "Zeitachse" = "Timeline" :slight_smile:

It looks like the idea here being to use a table view instead of popup button for showing the timelines/active timeline, since it is too easy to make animations on the wrong one. I'd probably place it on the left of the element/properties list.

Yeah, with sidecar I also know folks would like to be able to split off either the scene view or the timeline to a separate window as well.

Thanks for the feedback!


Honking Horn right


Oh boy my technical Spanish is rusty. Did live there for years, though. While we are at it I am still also did animate in the wrong timeline because creating a timeline changes the editor to the timeline but creating it in the side panel doesn’t. The differences do create a disconnect that makes me edit the wrong timeline at times … not that often anymore out of routine but in the beginning this was very often the case.

Hmm… creating a new timeline should always switch to it, no matter where this is done. Do you have a video of this not happening?

Okay it’s technically “duplication” but it creates a timeline. I duplicate an existing timeline for animation, tweak it and then realize that I am still in the main/original timeline and need to reverse the work and move it to it’s actual destination.


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Oh! You meant the Animation Timelines item, not the “new timeline…” via the actions interface. Gotchya.

I’m not sure Whisk will be able to run on Panther though… :rofl:

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