Suggestion format new

Hello everybody:
I would like the version: HYPE 4.0 to export add the new format. IOS app … Without fail to do with xcode, as does unity 3d and UE4

it would be great! but ios app is not a format, it’s an app and the settings to create it are many, even the management of certificates is complex, practically another software :slight_smile:

It is much more simpler to create you own Xcode Project and use copies as a templete. The all you need to do is drop your Hype project in and update any new data point in the Xcode project.

Also if I remember correctly there is a way to save a project as a template. I did it years ago but not in my latest xcode… a google should find it for you

Thanks for the feedback. We aren’t presently planning this, but there are many ways to quickly accomplish this (there’s discussion on these forums).