Suggestion: colors for blue frames +

Hi there,

Little suggestion, something I personnaly miss: beingn able to colorise with some colors the blue frame bars on scene/timelines with a single right click on it.
In fact, as eg, would be handy when lots of blue bars, for a quick view between input and output objects (zoom in/out, scale in/ou… etc)

Secund hand, when we drag’n drop an object we want it visible at (eg) frame number 25, I’ve never understood why it obligatory exist at frame 1, with the obligation to drag it outside (negative x ou z) the scen view, or having to put an 0 opacity.

Also, as I’ve post a while ago, I’ve two screen (mbp17+display27), and I regret very much not having kind of panels, so i would be able to put a timeline panel on mbp, gaining some confort on main screen for the rest.

Hope my engl isn’t to bad and that all of this is easily understandable.