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Dear Tumult Hype team,

A lot of the work I do on Hype requires the use of many rulers. I often find myself hampered by the fact that I can’t select and move multiple rulers at once. So I guess I was wondering if this is or could be a upcoming feature in the next update?


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Thanks for the request! I’ll add this to our feature tracker. Is there an app that does this that you particularly like the implementation of?

It might not be correct for your use case, but have you looked at the Layout Grid? It does allow changing the multiple gridlines at once.

Hi Jonathan,

I do use the layout grid, it’s a great tool, however I was thinking about the ability to select and move multiple rulers from your own custom grid work, or to have the ability to move and lock the whole layout grid. A working example of this can be found in Illustrator CC, where you can select and move multiple rulers, then lock them in place.

Gotchya, thanks!

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