Successful Vector MoCap Animation imported to Hype

Experimenting with an interesting pipeline if anyone’s interested.

  1. Add .bvh import script to Moho.
  2. Export as SVG image sequence.
  3. Create sprite sheet in Sketch (etc).
  4. Import to Hype as sprite sheet.

Here’s a fairly simple example. It displays 65 frames from a larger animation. On display is the default bone structure - I believe they can be assigned to illustrations done in the program. (88.7 KB)


.bvh script support:


Very cool, thanks for sharing this technique!

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Very quick example of binding shapes to the bones in Moho.

80 frames (from 1400 in original)
Mocap data in 3D space assigned to 2D figure.
‘Balancing action’ (from Carnegie Mellon mocap library). (122.0 KB)

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