Successful import of Fonts into Hype but it shows only English letters, without changing the text in Russian, why? (639.2 KB)

The Hype file is attached, could you advice what I am doing wrong. The font is showing for the English letters, but it is not for Russian letters, what can be done?

I tried to import the font into mac os, and Pages show this font perfectly, there should be something wrong that I am doing with Hype?

It shows both for me

But Russian text is with another Font, not the one that is with the English text.

I don’t see the same problem in Pages, thus I am confused.

Ah, now I know what you mean.

Try the file attached. Something’s off with your font-css or your font. I just installed gagalin from the web ( and added the font with custom css and it seems to work. (634.1 KB)

Gerfried, thank you!

I tried the way you suggested and it worked!

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