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Hi guyes.
I have a question that I don’t know the right word to explain. But let me try.
I am creating a home page that have 16+ scenes that all have the same structure:


Lets say that I want to edit the word EVENT, to CONCEPTS.

Is there a way to have the words linked to a sub category, So that when I chance the word in that sub level it is changed in all 16 scenes. Or is there another way to achieve this? With images I have found the replace tool witch does quite the same thing…

Hope I make my self understandable : )

All the best. Erik

symbols have synchronized content. there are two types of symbols: regular and persistant. Have a look at the documentation, it’s well explained.

In the Assumption that the words are Text elements…?

It sounds like you want to use persistent-symbols

For example.

Remove all the words from last 15 of the scenes.

On the first scene select each word and use the menu Symbol-> New Persistent Symbol from selection.

Make sure you chose add to all Scenes.

This will put the symbol across all scenes.

When you change a word on one scene it will change on all.

There are some caveats with this.

If the Original words elements have any actions on them then these will now be the same action for all.
This can be a problem if each scene needs the action to be different. There are other things that may make this approach a bit difficult but we need more info to get around them if needed.

Anther option is using a bit of Javascript but again we need more info on the actual setup and elements involved…

It may be best to post an example project…

Thanks a lot Mark and Hans for the quick answer : )

I’ll try things out with the persistent-symbols. Is it possible to position this symbol and then paste in place so that It appears in the exact same place? It seems like its position is not the same in all scenes…


It is. Although I am sure the add to all scenes normally does this!.
But you can choose add to current Scene. instead

Then select the symbol on the scene, copy n paste as normal. This should place it in the same position.

Well lets say I create a new layout for an iPad. It would be magical if I could move the symbol in just one layout (out of the 16 scenes). And it is placed at the same position on all the new 16 iPad layouts… Or how would you achieve this? Im going to create a iPhone, iPad and desktop layout out of my scenes and would love to not have to edit 16x3 = 48 layouts :upside_down_face:

But I’m sure there are smarter tools that I haven’t discovered yet…

Not 100% understanding but as afaik when you create a new layout it will pick up the symbol. Pasting into a layout is just the same.

There’s unfortunately not a way to move the symbol instance element (the container one with the purple outline) on other layouts/scenes once it has been added.

You could get a bit deeper though and put it in another symbol and have different symbols for the different layouts. Then when you enter the first level of symbol you can move the second level symbol element and it would show up on those layouts.

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Got it! I like the symbol elements… It works kind of the way I want. And its nice that I can select “objects” and just turn thous into an element :slight_smile:

And having a symbol inside of a symbol is doing the job a lot easier!


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Glad you got it working! (I was a little worried my explanation wasn’t clear enough!)

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