Stream Audio persistent after the document is closed

I have been using Whisk to look at and test a radio streaming site ( ourmusicradio yes blatant plug there, you are welcome to listen to the great music my bro and co played here )

Using export on the assets ( or a straight folder export ) and looking at the html file.

The nice thing about whisk is this is a quick way to view an export via a server and do live edits.
Rather than use something like simpleServer via

Whisk conveniently helps avoid some of the pitfalls of CORS. While testing.

(OK plug of how cool whisk is finished (It is though )… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

One thing I just found was that if I start the stream in whisk and then close the document, the audio/stream continues.

What should happen is the connection should be closed/terminated.

The only way I can stop the audio/stream is by quitting Whisk.

Here is a very, very pared down example export. (62.3 KB)

Open the whisk_audio.html in Whisk.

Hit the purple play button ( sorry no animation left in it ), the Audio stream should start.

Close the document.

The Audio ( at least for me ) continues…

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Thanks for this report!

I have fixed the problem for the next beta (hopefully out tomorrow).

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