Strange File Behavior Mac Server or Google Drive

I have noticed when using Hype (version 2 and 3) that Hype behaves strangely if I work on a Hype document that is either stored on our local Mac Server or stored in a locally synced Google Drive folder.

#Behavior: Mac Server
After opening the Hype file and working on it, I will typically hit Cmd+S to save the file. This works fine, up until a point, when I get a message that Hype could not save the document. At this point I close the file and notice that on the Mac Server there are now two copies of my file.

  • Original.hype
  • Original (1).hype

The ‘Original’ file is no loner the current file, the ‘Original (1)’ file is. The longer I work on the file, the more this occurs, the more copies get created.

#Behavior: Google Drive
After opening up the file and working on it everything seems fine. I work and save the file with no issues. However, when I get done, close the file and look at the Gdrive folder I was working from, I notice (depending on how long I was working) that there are MANY copies of the file. My record so far is twelve from one work session! They are all numbered sequentially (ie. ‘Original (12).hype’). This is unnerving by itself, but unfortunately, it gets worse.

On many occasions, if I goto open a lower numbered copy I get the message “There is no Resources folder” or “This file cannot be opened because it may be corrupt. Please restore from backup.”. When I take a look at the ‘Package Contents’ for the ‘no Resources folder’ file, sure enough, the package has a ‘data.plist’ file and that’s it.

My theory is that there is something about the Mac Server and Google Drive that is altering or syncing the file package while it is being worked on, and possibly after it is closed. Whatever this process is, it appears to not be doing it properly or Hype itself is not properly prepared for what it’s doing and ends up reacting by auto-generating a new file copy.

I cannot recall ever having this issue while working on a Hype file that was on my local drive only. Strangely enough, I also cannot recall ever having this issue with a Hype file that I kept in a Dropbox folder.

Note, in all cases, I am the only one working on the file. The file is not being worked on by multiple people either simultaneously or separately. I use the Mac Server, Google Drive and Dropbox to work on the file from different devices and locations. But when I do this, the file is ALWAYS first closed and Hype quit (I always logout when leaving a device).

My workaround is to either work on the Hype file locally or in a Dropbox folder and when finished, move it to the Mac Server and Google Drive. I just wanted to see if this is expected behavior or if anyone else has run into this situation.


Eek. This writeup makes me nervous – using network hard drives or poorly implemented syncing services (Google Drive) will cause issues in any app.

Personally I’ve never had issues with Dropbox or Bittorent Sync, two rock solid syncing services.

Unfortunately I have heard many reports of issues syncing with Google Drive. Work locally, and use Google Drive as a storage solution. To be extra safe, make a zip file out of your .hype document to be safe.

Got it, thanks for the confirmation.

  • Hype + Network Drives = NO
  • Hype + Google Drive = NO
  • Hype + Dropbox = YES