Strange effects on Macbook Pro M3

Hype automatically keeps a log at ~/Library/Containers/com.tumult.Hype4/Data/Library/Logs/HypeLog.txt, but this is more system messages/catastrophic failures. There's no more detailed even logging. 'Help > Report an Issue…' sends this log to us when the option is chosen; you're welcome to send it. There's some small chance it might give a detail. Thanks!

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Undoubtedly an old one... ending editing properly is the bane of my existence!

It affects more than Additional HTML Attributes, pretty much anything that's not committed in the inspector will be applied to the symbol parent.

I went ahead fixed this for the next major release. Thanks!


What video screen recorder are you using, It looks cool.

The vacation is over, the problems remain. The effects still occurre - and it's driving me nuts...

Hmm... to verify you are using the unreleased download from here?

(You can check via the Hype > About Hype window that it says "Version 4.1.17 (760) Professional Edition".

If so, can you please send your latest document and a video with your current steps that reproduce your issue? It might be that there's some other case that needs a fix... :tired_face:

Hello Jonathan. Unfortunately, it's not the case that the problems have disappeared. On the contrary... I have been very busy over the past few days, so I didn't have time to collect and document examples. I will now send you the corresponding error messages and screencasts via the app bug report when problems occur. Essentially, it's always the same: I change properties of objects, and these changes are then only visible in the IDE after I scroll back and forth in the timeline, briefly leave the scene/layout and come back, or change the position of the element on the stage.

Yes - and I have followed the steps you described and am also working with version 4.1.17.

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Got it, thanks! I'm looking into it now.

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I'm having the same problem on my side. The elements or properties are not updated until i scroll or pan on the scene. On my side, the bug appear everytime we use a mask (overflow). I've just tested the 14.5 beta from apple and the problem is still there for now.

@cedrickp32 would you mind sending a zip of your .hype document to Also if you can, could you send a screen capture (via command-shift-5) showing it in action so I make sure I am reproducing the same issue?

Thank you!

@jonathan, i just sent you an email with the hype file and the screen record.

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Got it, thank you. This will be fixed for v4.1.17 (one way or another...).

In the mean time, you can open the /Applications/Utilities/ and enter in this command:

defaults write com.tumult.Hype4 useWebKitGraphicsAccelerationForSceneEditor -bool NO

Upon relaunching Hype, the animation should work correctly. Thanks!


We released Hype v4.1.17 which by default has the workaround to improve rendering bugs related to macOS 14.4.

If you previously were using the terminal fix, you can now remove it via:

defaults delete com.tumult.Hype4 useWebKitGraphicsAccelerationForSceneEditor

After doing so, please do let me know if you run into other issues with Hype. Thanks!

(And thanks to everyone who previously helped report their bugs and help the course of action to resolve them)