Store CSS fonts code for reusing purposes

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To increase ones workflow, it'd be awesome to store custom fonts via CSS code selection inside of hype without having to reimport them again in the future for other Hype project document's.

One way it can work is only select the fonts to add to resources based on the selection.

[ +] Def Nice to Have
[ + ] Can use Hype without it but its extra work every time you need a custom font.

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Not entirely sure what you mean… here are some ideas:

You can…

  • ... create templates with the fonts
  • ... add the font using a stylesheet and only specify the font name in Hype (the name must match the name in the style sheet, rest of the fields stay empty)

Also … copying and pasting a text from one document to another copies the font over as well. You can use that fact to have a font master file and just copy and paste the font over by copying and pasting a text field into your current project.

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What your suggesting is a templating workaround ehh :smirk: What Im looking for hype to allow to store css info as a possible font for future, regardless if I have template or not, I don’t want to open other documents to copy from and paste because it’s counter productive. Also, What if I delete the template by accident?

Anyhow, We have the Google api fonts ui as a way to add fonts, Im looking for a similar type of a process to where I can add/store and preview and ultimately select my own font.

Think of it as a preset, for example, I use virtual instruments or vsts lets take “Spire” for instance for audio production, there are presets that are provided by the developer but I want a specific bass patch to sound with my own customized unique sound. I can save it within the plug in for use at other times.

The concept here is a bit different than what your suggesting however even though one can achieve similar results though its not what I’m looking for.

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Thanks for the request!

Templates is probably the best workaround for now, but I agree it would be great to have custom fonts stored in the application and more readily available to all documents.

(I'd love to include/infer on usage so it is seamless, but there'd have to be ways to also manually override that since we can't account for all circumstances.)

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Thank you, yeah sorry, I'm not a huge fan of templates, even though they can and are helpful in certain types of situations. For me it defeats the purpose and as a result you can be left with a number of templates to choose from, also to know they can be deleted accidentally is a bummer. Why not make Hype the center point of it all, where instead of fragmenting the process through the use of templates you can store custom info inside the app and this goes for pretty much anything be it storing custom vector shapes, custom gradients...

I would also touch on something that @MaxZieb said, the ability to import a css style sheet of fonts and have Hype create a selection out of them in a form of how you created ui for google fonts, so anyone can select the font(s) they want with a preview.

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There would be a solution to this as we can export symbols and re-import them with the according images and functions. I just tested it with fonts and the problem is it doesn’t recognize what font files that are associated as they are not directly linked rather indirectly. Hence if symbols could be linked to certain resources manually when exporting one could build up a little library folder containing many assets and reusable components. Hype could go even one step further and manage that shared library folder in the central location. This new functionality would allow the existing export of symbols as is, but also add an option to save to the central library folder (or reveal the folder, like with export scripts). In the other direction, in the insert menu one could choose "symbol" and a file selector would open with the library folder as root to select a symbol from the folder.

Update and idea for symbols with resources: I tried the following… create a font document and saved it as a hypetemplate then renamed it to hypesymbol and imported it again. It produces some strangeness and doesn't import the resource either, but the idea is appealing. Hype would need to change some small things like allowing to save an entire document as symbol and allow also the import of any resources found in a symbol file in such a case when double-clicking it. That would solve the library problem partially and allow storing and saving all sorts of "packages" with additional resources.


Symbols as building blocks would be pretty nifty too!

I don't think it will get everything you want on import still, but you can rename a .hype document to .hypesymbol :slight_smile:.

Yeah, precisely. It doesn't bring in the font resources in that case, though (125,6 KB). Try renaming it to hypesymbol and they double-clicking it.

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I bet @Jonathan The all powerful and mighty wizard could do the below..

Have a special folder much like the exports scripts folder.
Where a window in Hype (accessed via a menu ) could list the files in it and added them to the current doc when selected and a add Selected button clicked.

Also any sub folders could be listed as the headers for expanding triangle lists of their contents.

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Love it! I think I'd want it to be more than just files (otherwise the finder is adequate) - one should be able to store hype "objects" like google fonts, functions, symbols, etc.


and maybe code snippets :wink:

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