Stop user to be able to scroll / move the screen

Hi, iam new here.
Happy new year to everyone.
Sorry for my bad english.

My Question:
I want to bild a Game.
the screen shoud be FIXED.
Is there a way to FIX the Screen?
When the User move objects at the IPAD the Screen shoud not be scrollable / moveabel.

I hope you Understand me:)

set the height and width of the scene to responsive … in the inspector

Hi Thank you for your answer.
But i think it won’t work.
I set the high and with to Skal. 100% but it won#t work.
i can still move the screen:(
Try to send a screenshot.

i guess you’re talking about this bounce-effect on iOS …
if you find a generic clean solution you’ll be fine to go, but i won’t rely on any kind of hack …like this: those may break with every update …

Hi thank you very much.
I think its a little to much coding for me.:upside_down_face:
here is just an example.
on the browser at the desktop it works fine.
but on the ipad its scrolling when the user try to move the background or the red elements. (19.4 KB)