Stop action if trigger is clicked a second time

Is there a way to stop an action from triggering if the trigger is clicked more than once? I need an action to happen only on the first click. I can’t just have 2 triggers on top of each other and hide one because the one the top blocks the mouse over action.

what about moving the 2nd trigger over after the click. So, have a second element off scene and move it over after you click on the trigger the first time.

Another option would be to run a javascript function that checks a condition … say if a variable is true or false then disable the click. One way to do it is to add a class to the element and then check if it has that class and immediately return…

if (element.classList.contains("clicked")){
} else {
    // add your action here
    //--> example: hypeDocument.showNextScene... or hypeDocument.startTimelineNamed...
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thank a lot didn’t think of this :grinning: