Sticky element on top of the browser


I want navbar position to be originally lower on screen and stick to the top of the browser when scrolled up, like this example

I tried to do that with Hype but it’s works basically only once and after that the element sticks permanently on the top of the browser. sticky navbar (49.7 KB)

(strmiska) #2

this is it! (101,2 KB)


Thank you for your answer, but your solution don’t work in the phone the menu disappear when scrolling and appear when scrolling stops

(Steve Warby) #4


I have this working and added the code to another menu on another scene.

I use id menu2 and duplicate the code.

It works fine on normal transitions but when I swap it ‘kills’ the sticky.

Any ideas please.

Also is it possible to make this work across all menus with out to add the event to each one. ?


Steve Warby

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The Menu must be a persistent symbol



(Wolfgang Wunderlich) #6

disregard … found it …(sorry) thanks