Stick Header to Top and Footer to Bottom

I am looking for a solution that helps me to have my header and footer to stick at the top/bottom on a scrollable site.

In detail: I want the Logo to stick in the top, even scrolling the page, as well as I want the footer (which in this case contains the navigation) to stick at the bottom, also even when scrolling.

Is this possible?

Sorry, I am not a coder and basically use Hype graphically, so I don’t know anything about coding.

Thanks in advance,

Sorry but I do not know of a way to accomplish your request "natively" just using Hype's interface unless You have the body of your page in a scrollable field element in Hype - not the same effect as I believe You are looking for.

However - why not start somewhere with some Javascript/CSS solutions and see how You do. The "fixed" header part should be pretty accessible even without coding knowledge:

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I created a sample project that will show you how to snap a header and footer as a browser window is resized. You can download it with the link below:

Hope this help.

Hello Brad, and thanks a lot for taking the effort to answer me.

Unfortunately your solution is not what I am looking for. I need both, the header and the footer to stick at the edges when not usig 100% scale.


Hope someone can help me.


Thanks JimScott,

I will have a closer look to what you sent me here.


Is these what you are looking to do? If so, the example I gave you only needs a simple modification. Let me know and I can change it to show you how I did it.

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This is the behaviour I am looking for:

Is the whole site made with Hype as a scene or are the header and footer added to an existing site?

Are you talking about the link?


I am talking about what you are building.

First of all thanks for answering :wink:

Well, the plan is to have everything within one scene … I am guessing it is needed to use some sort of scripting for all this, hm?


Have you search the forum, I am sure there are example already…

I searched but I am not experienced enough to find the right content. Sorry.

Just noticed that @JimScott 's first example link may have what you need using css and fixed position.