Steps how to create a scorm package for LMS delivery


Wondering if anyone might know if a how to video or document exists for creating a scorm package so our Hype 3 content can be delivered via an LMS?
I understand Manifest Maker is an option but we are not sure how or where to start with this.
Any assistance most appreciated.
Cheers! Nick


I don’t have first hand experience with this, but can you tell me a bit more about what LMS you use?

Manifest maker essentially gets the names of all the files used in your Hype document’s export and places it in an XML file.

(Steve Flowers) #3

The manifest is only one part. ManifestMaker is one option to build the manifest. But I prefer to use the standalone Reload Editor. This editor allows you to add metadata that’s really useful. Manifest Maker is a little more constrictive and restricted. You’ll get more options for structure in Reload.

For the communication protocol, it’s helpful to start with a good API wrapper. I have used the Pipwerks wrapper with good luck. This will give you the API calls to set / get values. Storage, retrieval and interpretation of suspend data is something you’d need to code in. I have an example that I threw together awhile ago. If it turns up, I’ll post back here.

(Steve Flowers) #4

Found the published package. It’s really simple. I didn’t bother making a manifest of the entire package. Using a default simple manifest that simply points at the launch file will work in most (if not all) LMS products. (100.6 KB)

The manifest was originally designed to provide metadata for content packaging to the LMS product for the purposes of reuse and efficiency. This really never materialized as a useful feature. So, while making an accurate manifest is considered a good practice, I’ve never felt like it made sense to put in extra effort to ensure that it is. The file system inventories what’s there. Makes zero sense to me to add another file to also inventory these files. Silly.


Hi Steve,

Thank you for your prompt reply. What you have sent through is really helpful. Just as some background information for you, I will be uploading the Hype package to an LMS hence the need to “SCORM” the Hype project. One point of difference for my needs is there is no learning check. Therefore, the Hype package doesn’t need to ‘talk’ to the LMS quiz score area and not require an API wrapper either I suspect. I’m just looking for a way to ‘SCORM’ the Hype package so it can be quickly and easily uploaded to an LMS that only accepts scorm zip files.

I’m going to teach myself reload and go from there. If you have any suggestions for me, I would appreciate any input you may have.

Thank you also for you zip file. I was able to upload and test it in my LMS.


Thank you for your response. We use 2 LMS systems Cornerstone and Lucidity. I understand require SCORM learning content zip files. We plan to use Captivate 8 for content that has learning checks and Hype 3 for content that doesn’t include quiz/learning check.

Please let me know if you’d like a bit more background. I’m a huge fan of Hype and would like to see it do well.