Static path animation

hi, i have a question about a path animation :wink: i want to animate an objekt on a waveform but the object shout be stable on one place. so it just shout move up or down over the waveform.

for example: test

my solution was -> i used a wave form for the object, grouped it and again animated the groupt to fit on the wave. quite crazy... is there a better way?!

thx, all the best!

Are you animating on a motion path or some other way? You could probably get it to match up pretty well to your other shape using that technique with some adjustments

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You can always do it with Math (Sine function) and Hype Animation Frame or Hype Action Events.

Another option might be a custom easing function.

And I just thought Hype Style Caster can also do it with a custom casting function.

I might add some examples of it later.

For a no code version your approach is probably good enough already if you tweak it. If you don’t want to manually create the parallax you can also use something like Hype Dynamic Camera :movie_camera: and motion path.

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i have a new idea for that :wink: i do it with physics!

  1. i do 2 invisible rectangles left and right from the object with static physic
  2. i do the waveform with static phiysic
  3. and the animated wave with dynamic physic

This does work, I tried it the other day as a simple way of doing it but did not post it in the end

It looked like physics is being used too much, jumpy and not smooth.

The action of the wave going from left to right will force the boat up and down but If you do not get the side bars correct the boat will tip and roll, this also will happen if the "waves" are catchy.

As suggested above. (I think )

I would convert the text image to a vector object.
Edit the vector so the top clings to the top of the letters in a wave form.
Select all the anchors.

Select the Boat group and give it a motion path.
Select its motion path and then paste the vector path to that.
That should give the motion path the same wave form.

Then look at @MaxZieb Hype Dynamic Camera which I think will help keep the boat centred as it goes through its motion.

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Not to chime in with yet another idea, but I do feel like this might be overcomplicated! I'd probably just do an up and down animation and play with the easing of a timing function :slight_smile:.