Starting animations while scene is crossfading?

Is there an easy way to start playing animations while a scene is crossfading in? It seems you aren’t able to play anything until the scene finishes crossfading.

The only solution I can think of is to convert all scenes to symbols, put everything in the same scene and change their opacity to simulate the effect. But I have a document with 20ish scenes, not to mention custom actions on each, so it would be quite time-consuming at this point.

Is there an easy way to achieve the same effect that I may not know of?

There’s not currently a way to play a scene’s animation during a transition. Your method is presently the best (for lack of a better word) workaround.


Another angle: let’s consider the transition between Scene 1 & Scene 2.

“Copy~Paste” the elements~animations at the end of Scene 1 into Scene 2’s start; or duplicate Scene 1 and eliminate all the Scene 1 elements in this duplicated Scene (which will now become Scene 2) except those elements that will appear at the very end of Scene 1.

So at this point we have Scene 1 with all of its elements & animations; and Scene 2 that features all the elements at the end point of Scene 1 located at the beginning of Scene 2 - just where the “transition” would be starting.

Set the transition from Scene 1 to Scene 2 to be “instant”. The net effect for the viewer is no recognizable difference between the end of Scene 1 & the beginning of Scene 2.

Now create your crossfade transition in Scene 2 using the elements of Scene 1 which can be animated as they fade out and the (new) elements for Scene 2 that You can animate as they fade in - because the “transition” is actually occurring in just one scene (Scene 2).

This way You do not need to put everything in one Scene and can work with Hype as usual. Of course, You will also need to use some design sense. The best~easiest place to make the Scene jump should be a place of relatively static behavior of your stage elements - so design your Scene transitions accordingly.

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