Starting a Symbol's timeline when a button is clicked


I read the documentation, but I guess I’m just not “getting it”. In my timeline, I have a symbol. I would like that symbol’s timeline to start when a button is clicked, but I can’t figure out how to do that via the button’s Actions.



In your click handler you can set it to start a timeline, and your choices are both scene and symbol timelines.


Thank you for the reply. I’m not seeing the same thing you are when I open up the click handler. I have no section called “Symbol Timelines” and I don’t have a “True” or “False” choice for my Main Timeline.


True and False are timelines I created in my scene, so you wouldn’t have those. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have the timeline setup INSIDE your symbol yet? I don’t think it shows up until there’s a timeline to play.


You will only have this section if the action is on the symbol itself. On other element (within the main scene) you will not have this option.

The Main Timeline will show but you will only see it as per my comment above :wink:

@bdkennedy1 In order for you to play the timeline from another element in the main scene. What you can do is set up a custom behaviour inside the symbol bottom of the symbol inspector (puzzle shape) and have that custom behaviour start the timeline you want to start.

Then from the Main Scene you can call that custom behaviour from a Mouse Click action on any other element.

*Edit Handy Video explaining if it’s not clear :wink:

Explanation Video


Yes my timeline is setup inside the symbol.


Am I invisible? :slight_smile: Did you see my reply? :smile:


Your “Explanation Video” was informative. Thank You Darren.


My goodness no. I was reading in my email and didn’t see it. That solves my problem! You guys are awesome.