Start scrollbar on mouse click or over

“how to” On mouse click or mouse over start scrolling down or up a scroll bar selected section.

This would require javascript; you can generally control page scrolling via window.scrollTo().

Thanks a lot. Can you please send me an example on a hype doc?
scroll (32.1 KB)

You might want to check these threads:

… or use hypeDocument.scrollToSelector

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Thank you, but scrolling inside a selected area with scroll bars. clicking outside the area to scroll

With the script I posted above you can define a “context”.
Just saw that the context option has problems with the positioning in Hype.

To clarify, you are looking to scroll a group element? You could do something like:

var groupElement = hypeDocument.getElementById("mygroup");
mygroup.scrollTop += 10;

Example: (18.2 KB)

Yes! thank you.

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