Stalls out when scrubbing the timeline

I’m new to Hype. So far, I’m impressed. I have had one mysterious problem. Moving in the timeline in the attached file past the 4 second mark (other things cause it, too, but this one is easy to reproduce) stalls out and gives me the spinning beach ball, sometimes for minutes. I’ve stripped everything out of the attached document except for the elements that seem to be causing the problem.

Am I doing something wrong? The vector is relatively simple, with only 6 points. Is it causing a problem because it’s a symbol? I am using the symbol 31 times-a lot, I know. Still, outlined text containing hundreds of points doesn’t cause a problem.


wave (20.8 KB)

It looks like there is a performance issue with Hype when using a lot of secondary symbol actions.

Until this bug is fixed, my recommendation would be to remove the second symbol actions for the element (that have it start the timeline again), and instead within the symbol have the animation repeat.

Thanks for reporting this!

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