Spritesheets can't be put on scene


Cant find a way to put a sprite sheet from the resource library on to the scene without importing it.
I need to change a spritesheet that has lots of timeline animations that I done want to redo when I change the asset.


if it's been a spritesheet in original you can easily do a replace or update in the resourcespanel ...

Thanks for the response, but it's a sprite sheet that should appear in the scene again. I have a lot of smaller sprite sheets that I need to have in different places. And it would have been nice to be able to just drag a existing sprite from the resource lib.

you can duplicate the spritesheet in the scene then ...?!

Yes! Ok, should have been more precise, I have a Symbol containing among other things a sritesheet and have used that Symbol to create a new Symbol that is a variant on the first one, I change a couple of things to create a new Symbol and in that one I need to swap a sprite sheet. I can do it by reimporting but just thought there was a smarter way. Thanks for the help anyway.

To clarify for myself:

  • You have a symbol that has a sprite sheet. The sprite sheet element has a reasonable amount of behavior/actions associated with it.
  • You made a duplicate symbol (i.e. not an instance of the original)
  • You'd like to swap out the image used in the spritesheet in this other symbol

The problem here of course being that in the resource library there's one image entry, so if you do a Replace it will replace both.

Within a Hype document, there's not really a good solution and you would need to make a new spritesheet and then copy all the actions.

However, I think you could workaround this by copying the symbol to a new document. Then in that document, you could Replace the spritesheet image in the resource library. Then copy and paste the symbol back into the original document.

or via the API: https://github.com/worldoptimizer/HypeCookBook/wiki/Hype-Events#hyperesourceload

and/or in combination with https://github.com/worldoptimizer/HypeDataMagic assigning a key and a function/handler to a hypeelement

@jonathan You are spot on!
I'll try your solution, thanks.


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Thanks @h_classen, I'll check them out.