Spritesheet Game built with Hype


(darren_pearson) #1

Playing around with Spritesheet Animation and came up with this simple timer-based game. Would love any usability feedback.


This version requires a keyboard so it doesn’t work very well on smartphone browsers. May make a touchscreen version in the next few weeks if I have time.

(Freelancer) #2

Good responsiveness to the keyboard input

(Nick ) #3

Wonderful execution!!
Love it!!

(Freelancer) #4

@darren_pearson this is your second game in the gallery

I love arcade! compliments!

(darren_pearson) #5

Thank You! I had fun creating it!

(Jonathan Deutsch) #6

I got 2000! This game is helping me get the hang of using the arrow keys on the MacBook keyboard :slight_smile:.

One improvement could be to make the collision detection work so if the character touches any part of the coin it will count; I found I needed to keep moving around to get the hit point even though it looked like I should have gotten it.

(darren_pearson) #7

Thanks! I did the collision detection based off the distance between the top left position of the coin and the top left position of the character. Next time, I plan to do it based off the center point of each element.

Appreciate the feedback!

(Jonathan Deutsch) #8

My recommendation would be to see if either bounding boxes of the element vs. player intersect; this way any contact will work to pick up the coin!


Is that on your to-do list for Hype? :smile:

(Jonathan Deutsch) #10

Ha :slight_smile:. It is a good request, definitely.