Spiral to rotate

I am trying to get a png file to rotate but only when I hover over it. I tried to rotate it in a timeline but it only rotatesat the time interval. Can I achieve rotating an object only when my cursor is over it without scripting?

Can you explain further? Do you want to rotate indefinitely? or do you want to rotate when hover and stop when you move the cursor away from the object?

Hi Neomi!

The following works as: hover rotates; mouse out stops. It will keep rotating as long as You have the mouse hovering. No scripting used, Timeline only. When the mouse hovers again the rotation picks up where it stopped - i.e. it does not reset itself. All this is adjustable.

Hype Project: Timeline_Rotation-JHSv1.hype.zip (16.7 KB)

Demo here.


Thanks Jim. It worked.

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