Spinning Earth Globe or 3D sphere rotation illusion

(elcalibano) #1

I was just searching for a spinning globe illusion, made with Hype, and I didn’t find it, so I made one. This is basically an After Effects trick, with a little interactivity. Swipe to spin. I’m sure there are other cool tricks that can be used to build on this technique. Maybe someone else has used the basic premise behind this illusion in Hype before. The masking is done with a group radius.
Let me know what you think.

The World.hype.zip (166.1 KB)


Another option: You could add an “ease-in” & “ease-out” timing function (currently “linear”) to the “swipe left~right” events giving a more realistic inertia quality to the start~end spin motion.


Having the lens distortion plug-in in AE is a big help. If someday Hype were to support bitmap filters that would be stellar.

Something else with AE that can be simulated in Hype is a solar system effect. As AE uses 3D cameras that can move through a virtual space and as objects can be set to automatically orient themselves towards the camera, you can fly between planets that appear to be spherical but which are only circular masks with art passing behind them, similar to the globe here. This can be simulated in Hype as with the globe, with the objects changing size and location to simulate a fly-through in a 3-D environment.